5 Talking Points: An entertaining Stalemate

Thimphu City picked up only 1 point despite producing a strong and vastly improved performance against Transport United at Changlimithang.

1) Midfield dominance: City created more chances and dominated in terms of possession. The midfield partnership of Tsagay and Orgyen is increasingly shaping the way team plays. City are packed with midfield option that the likes of Lungtok and Puri are pushed to full back positions. They have the best midfield in the league, both individually and collectively.

2) Need for a natural left back: Reds are without a proper left back this season. Puri featured in that position for majority of the matches so far. Players out of position can contribute less than what they are capable of, most of the time. A fast, left footed player in the left back position could have contributed more, both defensively and offensively.

3) Lack of width: Much of the City’s creativity came from the middle of the pitch, not because city had good midfielders but due to the fact that the Reds lacked flying wingers. Wide players disappointed today, failing to provide services to the strikers. Tsenda could have contributed more, as he is the best option they have in the right and left midfield position.

4) Centre-back partnership: The centre-back partnership of Mipham and Bella is solidifying. The duo are defending as unit and covering one another well. A clean sheet against the league leaders is a sign of maturity and improvement.

5) 2 points lost In all honesty: It is a two points loss for City rather than a point gained. Considering the number of chances created and the dominance all around the pitch, it is like a loss for City. Title rival Transport are in excellent position, unbeaten going into the second round of the league. City need to regroup and take the positives from this game.

Ugyen Terry

This view is that of the columnist . It does not necessarily represent the position of Thimphu City Football Club.