From Thimphu to Sakteng

Amidst professionalizing the popular sport of the time; football and developing it into the career option of the youth. Football plays an essential role in enabling the exchange of culture, experience, exploring new traditions that can possibly be accounted as acquiring knowledge and empowering those involved in it with the potential of being a change maker.

While Thimphu City FC in collaboration with many other stakeholders conducted several sports and leadership development programmes through the sport. It always believed in providing equal opportunities and reaching the brighter cause of sport to every part of the nation. The club on October 8 resumed the second phase of the UNICEF’S programme called “Empowering Girls Through Sport To Become Agents of Change.” Although the programme was comparatively short compared to the previous, the impact and the message that was spread to the extreme remote native of the country is much alarmed to use this professional medium to enhance and empower the change.

The project was able to meet its objectives: Provision of Uniforms and Apparels: The project provided materials such as football boots, jerseys and jackets for the Sakteng team. These are simple but a critical and major impediment to the development of the sport especially among girls

Provide Cultural Exposure: Visiting Sakteng was their first time for all the girls. While playing a game there was one of the objectives, this was also an opportunity for the participating members to learn about the lifestyle in Bhutan, its culture and traditions.