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5 Talking Points: Thimphu City vs Druk United

1. Lack of depth. The depth of city squad was heavily tested in the last two matches. Many players missed out due to various reason. City had limited option in the bench for back up. Option of integrating reserve players should be there for the National League Clubs.

2. Attacking woes. For much of the season, city defence were unsettled. This time around, the attack is unsettled. With limited options, many combinations were tried at the cost of unsettled front 3. Only Alberto was a recognised forward. Many others played as a front three at various stage. The attack is short handed and unsettled as of now.

3. Sloppiness. For a game of high stake, it only takes one mistake to change the game. A sloppy corner lead to a quick break, which lead to ex City striker Sampa punishing the reds. With that goal, the task became even harder, although City fought till the end. Everyone makes mistake, but once it becomes habit, it’s difficult to contain.

4. Alberto the saviour. Alberto worked hard as he was the focal point of the attack. He was involved in much of the city attack. Alberti scored one while also assisting another one. He hasn’t been the prolific striker but his contribution are quite high, as seen in the match yesterday.

5. Luck. It’s football. As they say, its football and anything can happen. It was exactly the case yesterday. City were unlucky to have decisions gone against them. City were equally unlucky to concede two outstanding goals from long range. Nothing much could have been done to stop those two goals. City came all guns blazing in the second half and equalised, only to concede late in the match. It was controversial. It was entertaining. It was beautiful. Its football, anything can happen.

Phurpa Tshering

The article is contributed by the writer. Views expressed does not necessarily represent the position of Thimphu City Football Club.