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Tshagay: Last season the level was better

Inspiring the team week in week out, notching seven goals in six games, a perfect hat trick against Transport United, but our captain fantastic insists that there is much more work to be done. Tshering Dorji sat down with thimcityfc.com to share his thoughts on the season so far.

Tshagay, what a performance against Transport. Many felt this was by far the best game City has played so far. And you got a perfect hat trick against a formidable opposition. What are your thoughts?
Yes, we worked hard as a team and got the job done. I was really prepared against Transport because it was our must-win [game] to get on top. Secondly we played our own game by keeping ball possession. Didn’t hurry to score but waited for the perfect opportunity. And most importantly the difference was what our president and coach told us. They told us that each and every one has to do best with our individual opponent. Like the flanks have to beat other side defence, midfielders have to win in the middle. So that’s why every player won their individual competition and we won the game.

This season, your squad has performed admirably. Is there anything positive going on that motivates the team to work harder?
Our team is doing really good so far. Of course there are certain things that we need to improve and we discuss this when we train. I always inform my coach about the same too. But otherwise, regardless of different levels of opponents we have faced so far, we have done great I think. We have found results. Our players think every single match is important. Their mentality is very strong. We have improved a lot technically and even ball possession. I think our players are enjoying every game.

Last season we scored 44 goals in 14 games when we were crowned champions. But we already have 27 in six this season. Likewise, other big teams are also on a free-scoring mode. Do you believe that skipping the Super League this time has harmed the league’s quality?
I think last season the level was better than this year. Last year every team was well organized and they gave tough fights. This time whoever scores more goals against weaker teams will automatically become top scorer. And for sure it is because there was no super league. But directly from district league I think it was not a good idea.

Reds have done pretty well against new comers so far. Up next is yet another newbies in Paro Rinpung FC. What are your thoughts?
They are a good team. They have been unlucky so far because of lack of exposure game. But football is difficult to predict. Our former captain DG (Dawa Gyeltshen) is in great shape right now. He has experience both at club level and with national team. They also have Thinley Dorji Henry. On July 11th we have Rinpung and on 14th we have High Quality United. So we have less days to recover and we might not have many players available mainly due to injury and suspensions.