Do you know Mipham?

Do you know?’ Is a blog series contributed by one of our supporters Phurpa Tshering. The series aims to give a different insights of City players.

Mipham C. Jigme is a young centreback of Thimphu City FC. Currently he is the first choice centreback for the club and a rising prospect for the national side. He impressed so far this season, scoring 2 crucial goals as well. He featured for the national side several times. Here is an exclusive interview with the centreback.

1. City are third on table. How would you rate the season so far?
Well, 6 win out of 10. We’ve done fine, but could’ve done better than this. I feel we are batter tactically and physically compared to may others teams.

2. Growing up as a kid, which player did you looked up to?
I didn’t have a particular player whom I looked up to as a kid. As of now I look up to two players, Sergio Ramos and Virgil Van Dijk.

3. Apart from football, what do you do during your free time?
I’m with my family most of the time as I’m unemployed right now. I love travelling to places with friends and loved ones.

4. Most memorable Thimphu City FC moment for you?
After joining Thimphu City FC, we are yet to win the title, so I can’t really pick a particular memorable moment. However I would say being a defender and being in the score sheet is a memorable moment for me. (He scored the crucial opening goal against Ugyen Academy at Punakha and against Drukstar)

5. Who is the funniest teammate (Thimphu City FC) off the pitch?
Everyone jokes a lot but I think Puri does more compared to others..haha

6. You featured in several international matches for our country. How does it feel to represent ones country?
Well it’s a proud moment for me to represent my country in international matches. There is always a special feeling doing something for the country.

7. Playing against a stronger national sides, Bhutan have lost many matches with significant goal margin. Fans have poured out their frustrations and abused players, specially on social media platforms. Did such incidences hamper you and how did you cope with it?
Being an athlete it’s obvious that we will be criticized. You can’t expect to play well in every matches. So we should be ready to get their feedback and opinions. I feel fans expectations are beyond our level. When we can’t reach it then they pour their frustration. It’s normal for me. I’m learning myself right now. I will take the criticism and learn from them.

8. Any message for the fans (Thimphu City FC)?
Football is game where fans plays a very vital role. If there are no fan then there is no charm in it. I request not only Thimphu City FC fan but all football lovers to keep supporting the beautiful game.

Phurpa Tshering

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