Player ratings: City 4-1 Drukstars

1. Mipham C. Jigme 8/10 Yet another solid performance at the back. Scored the all important first goal. Composed while in possession of the ball.

2. Jay Hart 8/10 Scored a brace and registered an assist. Rifled the first into the top corner. Need to link up more with the midfielders.

3. Ngawang Jampel 7/10 Was composed and made few key saves. Could have been a clean sheet if not for the lapse in concentration by the defenders.

4. Alberto Martins 7/10 Made the best out of the moment of error from the defender. Scored a persistent goal. Off the ball movement was good. Looked threatening down the left.

5. Tshering Dorji 7/10 Covered a lot of ground. Was box to box and the engine of the team. Need to move further forward and involve more in the opposition box.

6. Lungtok Dawa 7/10 Was up and down the right flank. Defended well and offered width to the team going forward. Second half performance went down slightly.

7. Phuntsho Jigme 6/10 Partnered with Mipham and defended well. Conceded a goal which could have been avoided. Should work more on reading the game.

8. Karma S. Tshering 6/10 Did not have much impact on the field. Need to work on off the ball movement. Overall performance was below his capabilities.

9. Biren Basnet 6/10 Drifted on the right flank. Impact was minimal. Could have scored from Alberto cross.

10. Orgyen W. Tshering 6/10 Looked slightly out of match fitness. Need to link up more with the strikers.

11. Purna K. Pradhan 6/10 Was disciplined and carried duty. Did not offer much going forward.

Phurpa Tshering

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