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Three players have departed

Thimphu City FC can confirm that Mipham, Manoj and Singay have left the club after helping us win Premier League 2020. Manoj joined the reds during our maiden title winning campaign in 2016 from Thimphu FC. Since then he has been one of the exemplary player with brilliant leadership quality. The club took no time […]

Player ratings: P/ling Utd 2-13 City

1. Jay Hart. 9/10 Very sharp and lively throughout the game. Scored 5 goals with quality finishes. Could have scored few more goals. 2. Phuntsho Jigme. 8/10¬†Was outstanding at the back. Controlled and built the game from the back. Could have avoided the penalties. 3. Mipham Jigme. 8/10 Another stellar performance. Composed and resolute. Growing game by […]