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A quick update on City players. City players were asked these three questions. Where are you? What are you doing this days? Any message for the supporters? Let us look into their responses.

Orgyen Wangchuk Tshering: I’m still in Thimphu, and I’ve been playing futsal and training for the High Quality Winter Championship where me and Tshagay will be playing in our U18 team. For our supporters, keep supporting us. We’re training hard to win the league next year. Please support us and hopefully we will win the league next year.

Purna K Pradhan: I am here in Thimphu, playing futsal for Kuenjung FC. We toped the group in league round and are looking forward to playing the semi final

Mipham Chophel Jigme: Well I’m here in Thimphu, undergoing rehabilitation due to a knee injury. I think I’ll be out of action for another 3 months. For all the supporters, please keep supporting us. and I’m looking forward to the new season and will come back strong. Our City Our Pride

Karma Shedrup Tshering: I am still here in Thimphu playing the on going futsal league when I’m off from my flying duties. Well, just want to share to the supporters that we had a very difficult season this year with lots of ups and downs. We were really upset with ourselves for letting our supporters down. We will definitely learn from our mistakes and take our chances next year. Hopefully we will compete for the title with Paro FC, who dominated and set a very good standard this year.

Tshering Dorji: Right now me and Orgyen are preparing for High Quality Winter Championship, which will start from 28 December. We will be playing for Thimphu City U18 team. For supporters, I can assure that next season will be our best season. We will come far stronger than this year

Singay Wangchuk: I was supposed to play futsal for my team Paro Yuljung but couldn’t because of some problem with my knees. I go and watch the matches and support my team from the sidelines. For the new season, we got a good coach and some new players to look forward to. I heard that City will be participating in tournament at Sikkim or Nepal. We might have to start training for the tournaments. Please support us continuously. We will not let you all down this time for sure. Will give our best. Our City Our Pride.

Nima Wangdi: I am here in Thimphu only. Due to my injury, I am unable to participate in the futsal tournament. However I am supporting my fustal club Kuenjung FC and we will be playing semifinal on 26th. I just want to thank the supporters and football fans of Thimphu City FC. Keep supporting us. Lastly I would like to thank our boss for supporting us. Our City Our Pride.

Ngawang Jamphel: I am here in Thimphu and playing futsal tournment for Thimphu City FC. I am waiting for gold cup to start and join the training.

Lungtok Dawa: I am in my village, Lhamoi Zingkha. Came here to help my parents and spent some time with family. I hope everyone is enjoying with their families. I wish all a very healthy life and happy new year.

Biren Basnet: I am in Thimphu only. I am doing nothing now. Since I played for Thimphu City from the beginning of my football career, I’ll be in Thimphu City FC only. However I’ve lost my fitness and will work on it. I want to thank our president for helping me in many ways.

Phurpa Tshering

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