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5 Talking Points: Thimphu City vs Druk United

1. Lack of depth. The depth of city squad was heavily tested in the last two matches. Many players missed out due to various reason. City had limited option in the bench for back up. Option of integrating reserve players should be there for the National League Clubs. 2. Attacking woes. For much of the season, city […]

Player ratings: P/ling Utd 2-13 City

1. Jay Hart. 9/10 Very sharp and lively throughout the game. Scored 5 goals with quality finishes. Could have scored few more goals. 2. Phuntsho Jigme. 8/10¬†Was outstanding at the back. Controlled and built the game from the back. Could have avoided the penalties. 3. Mipham Jigme. 8/10 Another stellar performance. Composed and resolute. Growing game by […]

Fan perspective : Alberto Martins

Having spent big on foreign players this season, the BOB National League have never been more competitive. With club like Paro FC and Transport United reaping the benefits of their wise investment in the transfer market, it raises certain questions when it comes to the recruitment of Thimphu City FC. City have recruited three foreigners […]